Monday, 5 September 2011

News: Police should commute in uniform, says think tank

I disagree.

If the officers are getting paid for their travel to and from work, and they are considered "on duty" at that time, then fair enough, pay them for their time traveling to work.

I feel that this is just making the police more visible whilst still cutting their numbers. If an officer is off duty and in uniform, do they still have the juristiction to perform their duties?  And do they have the same responsibility as an on duty officer? More to the point, if an off duty officer on their way to or from work arrests someone for mugging/burgulary or whatever, will the arrest still be legal, considering they're off duty?

As an officer, do you necessarily want to be leaving or entering your house in full uniform? I know there will be many officers out there who consider their job a vocation, and will do all they can to protect the public whilst off duty, but I don't think that they would want any criminals finding out where they live, this is ridiculous.

What next? Judges and Barristers wearing their wigs and coats on the number 54? Surgeons, strippers, butchers? All wearing their "uniform" to travel to work? It might make the commute more interesting to say the least!